About Us

Unlisted Mobile is your private second phone, in an app. Our iOS and Android applications have enabled our users to make and receive millions of texts & calls without revealing their personal telephone numbers. Before Unlisted, you had one phone number that would connect to you any time. Now you have control over who can reach you, and when.


Permanent, life-long phone numbers do not fit with today’s world of privacy. It is very difficult to change a phone number that you’ve had for 20 years, and you shouldn’t have to do this just because somebody you met for 5 minutes now has it in their phone.

Our goal at Unlisted Mobile is to give you an alternative. Our on-demand private numbers are not tied to you, and you can keep them as long or short as you want. They’re not connected with your real number in any way, and nobody can use them to find you.


Our core team has been building privacy and telecommunication apps since 2012, starting with the first version of Unlisted (then called LineUp). We are backed by Keepsafe, a leading provider of privacy and security software.

You can reach us any time at hello@unlistedmobile.com

Get a separate phone number for work.