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Privacy-first, on-demand phone numbers for small teams & individuals.

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What Users Are Saying

Unlisted Mobile is perfect for separating work and personal calls. I find it so convenient to have separate numbers. I no longer have to give out my personal number to clients and I always know which line is ringing.

I have a business and I don't like to give out my personal number, so I give them my Unlisted Mobile number. The best part is that I can get all of my calls on the same phone!

We used to use our own personal phones to call our students. They would save our numbers and call us at all hours. Thanks to Unlisted Mobile, we can give students and parents a separate number that still comes to me, but on my terms.

Add a private number to your phone.

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Protect your personal number

There’s no way to link back to you or your personal number. Only your Unlisted phone number will show up as the caller ID on texts and calls.



keep work from personal

Unlisted numbers are separate from themselves and from your real number. You'll always know what that call or text is for.



look the part

Record your own custom voicemail greeting and set a caller ID name for your business. Nobody will know you're using an app.


No Hassle

get you up and running now

Get your new number in 30 seconds. No salesmen, second phones, contracts, or IT departments necessary.



Take back control

Only receive calls & texts during hours you choose. Automatically forward to another number. Send everything straight to your custom voicemail. All with the flip of a switch.



get as many numbers as you need

Add new Unlisted numbers as you need them, get rid of them when you're done. Protect your privacy and maintain your sanity.

Get a private phone number for work.

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